The Detroit Society for Coatings Technology presents:

Future Of Coatings Under Study

Future Of Coatings Under Study

39th Annual

MSU Education Center
Troy, MI

FOCUS 2014—ROI: Return On/Of Innovation.

This Year’s Theme

Innovation. Fire makes meat taste better. Wheels make carrying loads easier. It isn’t new, but innovation is vital. And in the last few years, it’s been quiet. We’re focusing this year on ROI:

Return On Innovation

What does your organization (and it’s people) get for the resources—time and money—it commits to innovation? Is this more than just a trendy topic? Show me the meat!

Return Of Innovation

Is it really back? Have we actually gotten back to digging deep, researching for real breakthroughs and developing breakthrough ideas, rather than doing things to keep the boat from sinking? You’ll hear from leaders who have good answers to these big questions.

And we want to hear from you. What’s ROI in your organization? In your life? Join us for FOCUS 2014.

What To Expect

  • Continental breakfast
  • Two concurrent tracks featuring expert speakers on the leading edge of coatings technology
  • Lunch (vegetarian available)
  • Poster session highlighting the talents of students from local colleges
  • Exhibitor tables from industry suppliers
  • Networking opportunities throughout the day
  • An outstanding value for your dollar!


MSU Management Education Center

811 W Square Lake Rd, Troy, MI 48098